Welcome to Quit Clicking Kids

An advocacy and education site to combat the monetization of children on social media.

The Story (Short Version!)

Like so many things, this project started as a simple question. What if there were a way to protect minors from being monetized online? After a lot of research, I took this project to the Oregon and Washington State legislatures. Unfortunately, the Oregon legislative session had just finished. 

However, I was lucky enough to get sponsorship for the bill from Representative Wicks and Representative Berry. Non-partisan council staff member Lily Smith drafted the bill in early 2022, and it was introduced to the Washington State House of Representatives as HB 2032 in the 2022 Session.

After the retirement of Representative Wicks, I worked to find a new champion for this important Bill. Representative Kristine M. Reeves has agreed to resubmit this Bill for the 2023 Session. The new Bill is HB 1627. Please show your support by contacting the Washington State Legislature to take up this Bill. 

I am working to get this bill passed into law, and to get the conversation started around monetized minors (sometimes called #sharenting).

Want to inspire similar legislation in your state? Check out the “Resources” page for links and the “Email Templates by State” page to contact your own legislators!